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1. What type of  Serials do you index?
Answer:- We are indexing print, online journals, bulletins, newsletters, momographic series, directory, newspaper, catalog, magazine as well as yearbook.
2. How long does it take to includea serial in Indexing applications?
Answer: - We need to review two volumes of your Serial. If you are a new serail, we need to wait until you have completed regular publications. If you are an existing journal, we need to review 2 of your most recent publications. Review depends on many factors - receiving your serial via post - receiving access to online journals. We will keep you informed of all steps along the way to Indexing.
3. What benefits does the Paid Indexing Service Offer?
Answer: - If you wish to expedite the Review process, paid service guarantees a one month Review from receipt of the last two Editions.
4. How long does the free Indexing review take?
Answer: - Whilst a definite answer is difficult to make, the volume of submissions may mean your Journal will take 2-4 months to be reviewed.
5. Can we Appeal against your Reviewers decision if our Journal is rejected from Indexing?
Answer: - Yes - We havea feedback system through which you can give your comments.
6.  Can we reapply following a rejection?
Answer: - Yes. Our reviewers will provide detailed reasons for the rejection. If you attend to these matters, you may resubmit an application.
7. What Language Serials do your Index?
Answer: -At present we  Index only English Language serials.
8. What criteria do the Assessing Editors use in determining if a Serial will be indexed?
Answer:- The Editors use a checklist which can be found on submission guidelines.
9. Can I submit a complaint or ask questions about an Indexed Serial?
Answer:- Yes. Please supply full details via e-mail.
10. What is the difference between this Index  and other indexing services?
Answer:- Our Review Editors are renowned personalities of their field . Unlike the other Indexes, we Index serials that deliver high academic quality.  

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